it’s so funny to me that i consider fanon!grantaire and in-my-head!grantaire to literally be the epitome of my “type” but in the brick he’s actually described as “unnaturally ugly

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affectionate grantaire

grantaire kissing jehan hello and goodbye and complimenting the poet on the taste of his lip balm 

grantaire crawling into bahorel’s bed and bahorel just moving over so r can fit on the bed comfortably

grantaire giving courfeyrac hickies because he can kinda make them look like shapes and courf thinks that it’s freaking awesome

grantaire walking down the street holding hands with joly and bossuet (after washing his hands quite thoroughly, of course)

grantaire cuddling on the couch with combeferre and letting the man talk about his latest essay until they both fall asleep

grantaire cutting feuilly’s hair for him and waving his offers of payment away 

grantaire slinging an arm over marius shoulders and rubbing at that spot below his ear that never fails to make marius smile

grantaire giving eponine and cosette massages and toe nails because he doesn’t mind but you need to stop wiggling cosette seriously

grantaire kissing enjolras on the cheek every time he leaves the musain and every time missing how badly it makes enjolras blush

affectionate grantaire

patroqlus said:
someone was said greek on my dash and I was boutta get all excited but it turns out they were talkin bout greek yogurt instead i hate yogurt

this is so weird bc just now for the first time in a rly long time i decided that i wanted to eat some greek yogurt even though i hate yogurt and so i got a bowl of it and took a bite and remembered that i hate yogurt

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